Choosing the best Kids Costume

Getting costumes for kids makes a boring day into heaps of fun. There is nothing more fun than having dress-up days with your kids. Whether it is for Book Week at school or a friend’s party, most children adore dressing up as their favourite characters even if they are not going out.

Superheroes such as Batman, Spiderman and Superman are always favourites for boys’ Halloween costumes. We have these character costumes available year round. Some children love dressing up in their costumes even when they are not going to a party and will just use their imaginations to be that character.

Halloween costume ideas for girls that are popular include Disney princesses such as Ella from Frozen, Ariel, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. Star Wars Princesses Padme and Queen Amidala or Rogue are also popular choices for girls. Many kids dress- up costumes such as star troopers from Star Wars can be worn by either gender.

The other great kids' costume ideas include our animal masks and tails which are really affordable. We have all sorts of animals including elephants, giraffes, bears, cats, tigers, rabbits and many more.

If your child has a favourite TV show or movie, such as PJ Masks or Toy Story, you can find cheap kids costumes for them on our site for reasonable prices.

Children love dressing up for Halloween and we have witches, wizards, Zombies, vampires and monster costumes in many sizes for your little ones. Even if your child is not sure what sort of costume they may want for a dress up event, we guarantee that getting a cape of any colour will make them feel very special, and they will look great too.

Maybe your child is involved in a drama class and needs a costume for a character in a play, you will find many great ideas, especially with fantasy characters as well as occupation outfits for doctors, nurses, scientists and even priests.

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