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Kids love dressing up as cartoon characters

Do you have good ideas for cartoon costumes for your children to dress up as? If you don't have the ideas, we can guarantee you that your children will have all the ideas that are needed. After all, it is the children who watch cartoons on the television or on their smart device all the time, and it is children who read cartoon character books. Ask them who they would like to dress up and ask them who their favourite cartoon character is. They will give you a quick answer, and then together, you need to be inventive. How do you make the cartoon character fancy dress costume and how do you make the accessories? Chances are, you will have most of the accessories at home already.

Ideas for cartoon characters

Big Bird, Bob the Builder, Barney the purple dinosaur, can all be found on costumes online. There are tons of ideas though, and some you can make on you own. Think about, but again ask your child who they would like to be, Bugs Bunny, Snow White, a Telly Tubby, Wonder Woman, Super Man, Batman, Robin Hood, the list goes on and on. Some of these may be tricky to make on your own, but for some you just need a few accessories. A witch could be dressed in black with a black cape, a Prince could look dashing in jeans and a white shirt and jacket with a sparkling crown. Sometimes the accessories are more important than the actual dress up costume, and it is a good idea to have a basket full of dress up accessories for your child, at home.

Dressing up is an important part of a child’s development. And dressing up is not just for kids. Adults enjoy dress up parties too, sometimes even more so. Cartoon costumes are always a great idea so look online.

A circus outfit is a fab idea for a dress up party

Circus themed are popular themes for parties, and circus costumes are fun, inventive and creative. There are all types of characters who are part of a circus, and so the costumes are always going to be varied and different. If you think of a circus, what comes to your mind? Ask your child and see what they say. They may see a circus clown, or a stilt walker, a lion tamer, or a juggler. It could be a  ring master, a knife thrower, or a flame eater. It could be a trapeze artist, a strong man, a giant, a huge bear or an elephant. There are tons of circus costume ideas, which means the circus is a great theme for a party, especially a toddler or young child party. And actually, a circus theme is a great idea for kids and adults too.

Circus decor

It is really easy to find fun and fabulous circus costumes online and you and your child can pour over the online fancy dress sites, before setting on one circus character. Then, you can decide if you want to make a costume together, or if you prefer to order a costume online. There is no right or wrong choice here, it depends on what the two of you want to do. Remember you also want the accessories, so a ring master needs a whip, a circus clown needs a circus hat and funny shoes, a juggle needs balls and a juggling outfit. If you are the ones who are hosting a circus party, buy the right circus decor too. You can get sawdust for the floor, coloured hats for everyone, whistles, balls, brightly coloured paper plates and paper cups, and big signs that say CIRCUS.

One of the easiest fancy dress parties is a circus party. Buy circus costumes online today!

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