Cheerleader Costumes for Cosplay

Cheerleader costumes are more common in recent years at cosplay events. As cosplay conventions rely heavily on pop culture references there have always been some cheerleaders depicted. This could be because of the brilliant Harley Quinn’s deranged character portrayed in Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey. For those who attend comic conventions, you will see many different and dark interpretations of these cheerleading costumes. You can live out your dreams of being an American teenager and go with your hunky boyfriend, the quarterback footballer, just like in the movies.

Cheerleader costumes as Halloween fancy dress ideas

Halloween is the normal day of dress-up parties. The reason that people traditionally dress up for Halloween is that you need to look different to your normal self so that ghosts who come out that night will not recognise you. So a great suggestion is to choose a cheerleading costume, especially if this style of outfit is something you wouldn’t normally wear.

You can even dress up in a zombie cheerleader costume if you prefer to be true to the gruesome and grisly ideas for Halloween. With any of the cheerleader costumes you find on our site, if you are a creative type, you can modify them to suit your particular cosplay character. This will get you great kudos at the convention as you are taking a twist on an established character and making a cheerleader out of them.

There are many references for cheerleaders from pop culture, starting with Sandy from Grease as a very demure 50s cheerleader. Most American teen shows or movies such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellcats, Bring It On and Glee, have lots of cheerleading themes and costumes on show. You can even be a ‘hot’ Meg from Family Guy with a sexy cheerleading costume and a beautiful long wig.

Add spice to a sporting event in cheerleading costumes

You may not have the moves or fitness to be an actual cheerleader doing competitive cheers at major sporting events. However, a group of you can support your family or local sporting club by dressing as cheerleaders to boost team spirits. There is a huge range of styles available to choose from for girls and women. You won’t have to make your own pom-poms, as they are included in the set.

You may want a more conservative look if you are attending family events. We have cheerleading costumes that do not show too much flesh which would be perfect for that style. If you’re attending a hen’s night and it’s a dress-up event, a more sexy cheerleading costume that has a short skirt and bare midriff will add a sense of fun to the night.

A great idea for group cheerleading costumes

Get a group of friends together and you could be like the girls from Rydell High School from Grease and dress in the same cheerleader uniform. So you can see that dressing as a cheerleader on your own, or in a group for cosplay or sporting parties or competitions is a great idea.

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