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There are so many good reasons to have 80s tracksuits for your next 80s themed dress up party. First of all, it is the colours. All 80s dress ups no matter whether prom dresses, or padded vests are colourful. The 80s was a time of bold bright colours sometimes in blocks or otherwise with an animal print like cheetah or snakeskin prints.

80s Movie Costumes

The 80s was a time when people became more conscious of fitness and exercise. It was when aerobics became a huge fad and people started wearing lycra in public not just at dance classes. Not just the basketball jocks, but housewives and businessmen started to work out. The 80s being a time of hedonism, people wanted to look good and party hard. So this is why 80s tracksuits are a great choice for a Halloween costume party. It's also the time to celebrate body culture. People in the 80s were starting the fitness craze that has continued to this time. It was also the first time that people wore training clothes that were also designed to make a fashion statement.

1. Sexy 80s tracksuits

80's Girl Workout Sports Costume

When you think of a sexy 80s tracksuit for a woman, you can also consider the very colourful gym girl look in 80s leotards for women. Leotards on top of the tracksuit is also a great look. Tie your hair up in a high ponytail and grab a headband. Men who have a sense of humour won’t be left out with a parody on that look in a novelty costume which would be great for an 80s theme cosplay bucks party.

2. Mr & Mrs Leisure - 80s tracksuits for any age

couples 80s tracksuit

The silky ‘leisure suit’ took gym gear out of the gym and into the supermarket or around the town. A great choice for people who don’t like to ‘do cosplay’ but want to get into the spirit of a fancy dress party. There are a lot of choices for couple’s 80s tracksuits available on our site such as this one. It is a genuine style from the 80s, in the shiny shell fabric and bad fitting just like in those days.

3. Celebrity choices in 80s Tracksuits

When breakdancing and hip-hop culture took off in the 1980s, this was also where colourful and shiny tracksuits got extra popular. The shiny slippery surface was perfect for breakdancing. Ali G famously wore his yellow tracksuit in homage of this 80s tracksuit fad.


4. Accessories for your 80s tracksuits look

1980s Costumes

So we have established that although 80s tracksuits look lame by today’s standards, at the time they were pretty cool. If you want to look authentic at your next 80s themed party or event, consider adding some accessories or props to really pull off the look. Consider a big curly wig with a towelling headband and wrist band as well as some wrap-around sunglasses and you’re all set. You will want to borrow your parents’ old ‘boom box’ to hold on your shoulder. A banana skateboard or roller skates are also great accessories to complete your outfit.

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