Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque Costumes

Our burlesque range of costumes will delight both men and women and perhaps for different reasons. Most women enjoy feeling sexy and they certainly will in one of these skimpy and beautifully designed outfits.

Whether you are brave enough to wear to a fancy dress party as a burlesque performer or you simply want to do private shows in the comfort and discreet surroundings of your own bedroom, we have a great range of corsets, bustiers, gloves, strings of pearls and feather boas.

You need not be shy when ordering these beautiful satin and lace items. We do discreet shopping so you can relax and order from the comfort of your keyboard. Burlesque wear was originally a type of lingerie, but now it has been established as a style of clothing that is perfect for certain types of events. For example, a corset with a pair of jeans and a denim jacket is a great outfit for a rock concert or even shopping.

If you want to go to a sexy fancy dress party, our burlesque range is very popular. You will feel really sexy dressed in a corset, mesh tutu or draped skirt and some elbow length gloves. In our accessories you’ll be able to complete your burlesque costume with fishnet tights in a range of colours to complement your outfit.

Finish the look with high heels or go-go boots.