Some of the best fancy dress costumes for kids

So what are the best costume ideas for kids? Well, it all depends on your child, the age of your child, and what their interests are. Some kids love to dress up as superheroes and others love to dress up as big cuddly bears or huge scary dinosaurs. Some want to be a pirate and others want to be a King or a Queen. The trick is to be totally open to all fancy dress ideas, obviously within good reason, and to brainstorm the dress up ideas with your child. Let them come up with the dress up costume ideas but help them and support them as they choose. Let the child feel empowered by their choice; you don't want them dressing up as something that you think is a good idea but that they are going to hate.

Use the internet

When you look for dress up ideas, use the internet and look at costumes online. You will find that it is oddly obsessive, looking at the different fancy dress stores and at the amazing costumes that are for sale. The internet is always a brilliant tool but so are books and movies. Read your child’s favourite book to them and let them tell you who their best book characters are. Talk about the movies that your child likes and again, let them get excited about their favourite movie characters. You need to keep it reasonable in that you want to be able to make or buy the costume, but most costumes are pretty easy to make or to buy. Use your resources, get creative and get inventive with fancy dress costumes and have fun with the whole dress up idea.

Dressing up is fun, for children and sometimes, also for their parents. Get dressed up with your kids. Wear a cloak. And brainstorm costume ideas together.

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