Plan a Gangster and Flapper Themed Wedding with 1920s Costume Ideas

Ever since the revival of the Great Gatsby movie in 2013 starring Leonardo di Caprio as the dashing Jay Gatsby, the romantic ideas from 1920s gangster culture have been popular with wedding planners. The beautiful draped 1920s costumes are timeless and evoke a time of great celebration and lots of champagne. You can plan your wedding so that the bridal party and the guests are dressed according to the fashions of the day, with flapper dresses for women and gangster outfits being the most common choices for 1920s costumes for men.

Although sequin flapper dresses are very popular and very chic, for the bride, an Art Deco wedding dress, with a dropped waist dress in antique white satin or silk. The difference between a flapper dress or an art deco wedding dress is that although they both have ornate patterned sequined beading, the 1920s flapper dress is mid-length with tassels and the wedding dress is more conservative and does not have tassels.

Bridal Party Dressed in Matching Flapper Dresses

Typically if the bride is wearing an off-white art deco gown, the bridesmaids can be wearing pastel coloured flapper dresses such as in rose-gold or a fully tasselled grey flapper dress to contrast the sequins of the bride's dress. Your groomsmen can wear loose zoot suits, also known as gangster costumes and have matching ties to the colour of the bridesmaid's dresses. The bridesmaids can wear matching feathered headdresses to match the bridesmaids' flapper dresses. You can choose contrasting or matching feathers to the headband. A nice touch would be to add a flower of the same colour as the Gatsby dresses as a buttonhole in the mens' 1920s gangster outfit.

Design Your Own Elegant Invitations Decorated With Images of 1920s Costumes

If you're on a tight budget, you can design your own invitations. You can use pictures that you find online and crop them into a background on your invitations. This creates a sense of excitement and anticipation with your guests who will start to get 1920s costume ideas and to plan. you can share great websites that sell flapper dresses and gangster outfits and your guests will be surprised how affordable such a classy look is. The 1920s celebrates being well dressed and sophisticated, and everyone enjoys looking well dressed at a wedding.

Flapper and Gangster Hat and Headbands - for Brides and Grooms

Where the most common 1920s costume accessory for women is a feathered flapper headband, brides often choose a capped head covering that holds a simple veil in place. The capped style hat typically hides the hair but some brides will prefer an ornate jewelled headband, studded with diamantes or pearls. The most common choice for gangster hats is the Fedora or Trilby hat to give a sense of drama.

Complete the look with long beads for women and spats over the shoes for men and have a lovely wedding day that will look timeless in your treasured photos.

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