Iconic movie characters for your next 1980s costume

When you are hosting an 80s costume party, you have many great iconic movie characters that you can choose either for yourself or in a group. When we think of the 1980s, we think of Back to the Future, Batman, Breakfast Club, Rambo, Rocky, Purple Rain, The Goonies, Young Guns, The Right Stuff, Top Gun, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters, Terminator, Ghostbusters and many more. We can help you with any of these and many more 80s movie characters.

Some of the costume pieces that work well for 1980s costumes are letterman jackets, big colourful suits, large hair wigs, lycra leggings, military outfits, mirror sunglasses. For instance, if you are wanting to do a ‘Rambo’ costume, you can find a military costume, and add a shaggy wig and a bandana with a bullet belt to wear across your chest.

Cowboys are another great choice for a 1980s movie theme and also come in handy for any other type of costume party. We have a wonderful cowboy costume that you may wish to get together with some friends to be the cowboys from Young Guns.

Of course, some of the 80s theme dress up movie costumes can be bought complete from our online store including Batman, Top Gun or Star Wars character costumes.

When you are choosing which fabulous 80s costume ideas from movies you’d like to be, you can ask your parents or older friends for direction if you are too young to know. Accessories are really important to finish your 1980s outfit. Having a skateboard, jeans and a puffy red vest will transform you into Marty McFly from Back to the future, and your friend can dress up in a white lab coat with wild hair to be Doc Brown. We also have a great lab coat and scientist outfits for kids.

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