How to promote your business with inflatable costumes

Blow up costumes or inflatable costumes are just similar to regular costumes used for advertisement but they are made using inflatable materials. They can be filled with air to make a cartoon shape. They can be worn as costumes and you can customise them into any shapes or characters according to your business. Here are some ways you can use inflatable costumes to market your business.

Create a cartoon character for your company

Similar to traditional costumes, blow up or inflatable costumes can be customised according to your unique needs. You can design a cute cartoon character to represent your business. You can then wear this inflatable costume to give out flyers outside your office and engage with potential customers.

People, especially children will be attracted and then you can promote your products by creating brand recognition using costumes online.

If your business doesn’t have a mascot, you can create a mobile replica of your product. Inflatable costumes do not have to be specific characters or a mascot.

Take your costume to places where you can promote your business

An inflatable costume will make you stand out from your competitors if you are attending a trade show. In monotonous trade show aisles, people will see you immediately if you wear a giant inflatable costume. A huge inflatable costume will stand out and attract people to visit your booth.

You can erect a booth at an outdoor concert, festival, street fair or carnival. The costumes will work great. You can also consider sponsoring a sporting event and making inflatable costumes that bear your branding for the team.

Draw in customers with costumes

If you own a shop on the street, you can wear your blow-up costumes and stand in front of your business. You can also walk around the street and attract people’s attention.

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