How to Plan a Great Gatsby Theme Cocktail Party

A Great Gatsby dress up event is the perfect way to celebrate an important milestone or achievement. Having such an event is easy because so many people love this art-deco era and enjoy the opportunity to put on their 'glad rags'. It's the perfect backdrop for an elegant cocktail party with women in their flapper dresses and men in their Great Gatsby outfits. As it is a cocktail party, consider limiting the guest numbers to between 12-15. The atmosphere of this sort of party is understated elegance.

Step 1 - send out Gatsby theme invitations 1 month before the big day

Finding great Gatsby images on the internet and using them in your online invitation is the easiest way. People will save the invite to their smartphones. You could even send them a link to the best flapper dress ideas available in Australia as part of the invite. They will be able to start getting very excited choosing the Gatsby evening dress and accessories that they adore.

Step 2 - Order your Great Gatsby Costumes

If you're a man/woman couple, you can match men's Gatsby costume such as this men's gangster costume with a fabulously flattering Gatsby evening dress. Make sure you match it with any of the huge range of accessories, such as a long string of pearls, feathered headdress and a cigarette holder (even if you don't smoke). For men, it is spats for your shoes a gun holster and a hat which will make you look very dapper.

Step 3 - Plan Your Menu to Include Old-School Cocktails

Although the Roaring Twenties, as they were called were full of fun and parties, for many people there was no alcohol because during prohibition it was banned. However, Jay Gatsby was a bootlegger, meaning that he was a gangster who made money by smuggling alcohol. He would have had a stockpile. Gin and Tonic is a great simple and elegant cocktail to tribute the 1920s. You can make a "Gatsby Imperial" which is a drop of Chartreuse and Champagne. Use it to toast your guests, in all their best Gatsby theme dress ups. As it is a cocktail party, finger foods such as deviled eggs or sandwiches are ideal.

Step 4 - Decorate your Gatsby Evening Dress Up Party Room

Tasteful decorations for your 1920s costume party include candles on tables, draped fabric scarves and scatter cushions on the floor. You may like to have a dance floor for those who would like to show off their flapper dress tassels shimmying whilst doing the Charleston. Find some period pieces and knick-knacks from vintage shops to have on display to keep the Gatsby themed dress up going, including wide-rimmed champagne and martini glasses.

Step 5 - Find a great playlist of 1920s music to stream

You should be able to find some old vinyl records for authenticity at charity shops. If you don't have a record player, never mind. You can find great customised lists on streaming platforms.

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