How to make different types of animal costumes

If you are looking for ideas to make animal costumes, you are reading the right post. There are countless ideas for making these costumes and there are numerous animals to emulate. Read on as we give you some of the ideas that stand out.

Cat costume

A lot of people own cats and dressing like a cat is a great way to express your love and appreciation for cats. All you will need to make a cat costume is some black jeans or leggings, a black long-sleeved sweater or t-shirt and some black footwear. Stuff a black sock with wool attached to create a tail and attach it to the back of the trouser using a safety pin.

You can add optional elegance to your outfit by adding a jet black bow tie. Top it off with printable cat asks that you can buy with your costumes online.

Fox costume

For a fun fox costume, you will need a light brown shirt or an orange shirt, orange pants or trousers, and brown or orange shoes. Stuff a sock with wool and pint it to the back of your trousers to make a tail. Top the costume off with a foxy mask that can be purchased online.

Dog costume

Get some spotty pants, spotty shoes and a t-shirt. Finish off the costume with a black sock tail and use plain white clothes or back clothes or you can mix and match.

Deer costumes

You can create a beautiful deer costume with clothes from the closet of your child. Brown tights, a brown dress, accessories and boots topped off with a deer mask will do fine.

Panda costume

If you are a lover of pandas, you can make animal costumes inspired by pandas. A black and white baseball top will do fine. Pair it with black tracksuit bottoms to make a perfect outfit. Remember to complete the look with a panda mask.

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