How to get your child to remove his Spiderman costume

If your child is going through a dress up phase with his Spider man suit, you will know that they do not want to take it off for a single minute. The same applies to any superhero suits. Children go through these dress up phases where they do not want to wear their ordinary every day clothing and where they reject their shorts and tee shirts or little dresses, choosing instead of wear tights, tee shirts emblazoned with super hero logos and wear flowing capes. And you know that they want to wear them every day, whether they are going to school, to a party, to a play date or with you to visit the grandparents. So how do you deal with this? You can say no, we keep the superhero suit for weekends only, or you can indulge your child. And we think you should indulge them. Dressing up is important and it is creative. It is a big part of play and growing up.

Caring for a superhero costume

The amazing thing about a Spider man costume, especially the ones that you buy from property costume shops, retail or online, is that they really are surprisingly comfortable to wear and resilient. They last for ages which means you can pass it down from one child to the other. Your child may grow out of the superhero suit before the superhero suit grows out of him. You can throw these dress up costumes in the washing machine, and most of them do not even need ironing. Your kids can play rough and tumble, just as if they were a superhero, and at the worst you may get a few holes after a few years.

Keep a couple of superhero dress up suits at your home for children to have fun with. Keep the Spider man suit for special.

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