Fun and Comfort with Onesies

Onesies used to be exclusive for babies, but recently, adults are rediscovering the fun and comfort of onesies—especially for occasions that they have to dress up, such as Halloween and other themed parties. One of the best things about onesies is that you can simply step into it, zip the front up, and have your costume ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Onesies for adults started in Japan, where people are less afraid to walk around in what can be considered as crazy outfits. Typically, onesies are made of very comfortable material (comfortable enough to wear as pyjamas!), which covers the body of the wearer almost fully, except the face, the hands, and the feet. Onesies—or kigurumi in Japanese—also come with a hood (usually with an animal or cartoon character face) and a zip-up or button-down front to make for very easy wearing.  Kigurumi translates to “wearing a toy,” which calls to mind the past where popular toy-looking characters are often the inspiration for onesies. However, as onesies grew popular outside Japan, several manufacturers have come up with animal onesies in the likeness of cats, pandas, owls, unicorns, dogs, bunnies, cows, dragons, monkeys, and a whole lot more.

A onesie is perhaps the most versatile “crazy” clothing item that you can keep in your wardrobe. It is very comfortable and you can wear it around the house when the weather is cold, and it is a reliable go-to outfit for Halloween or other occasions that will require you to come in costume.

A good-quality onesie or kigurumi is often expensive—this is because the onesie is a whole outfit in itself and it is often made of cotton or some other material that will allow the wearer to feel comfortable. Materials  for kigurumi are also often durable, since the wearer can do a lot of things while wearing the onesie. However, you can always find great deals online—you do not have to go all the way to Japan to get your hands on a good-quality onesie.

The best thing about shopping for onesies online is that you can see the entire store catalogue in a matter of minutes, right in the comfort of your own living room. Many people hesitate to buy their onesies online because they are not sure that the outfit will fit them. Do not worry about this aspect—most online costume stores offer standard sizing information that will ensure your onesie will be a great fit when it arrives at your doorstep.

Before buying your onesie online, make sure to get a measurement of your body (or the person you are buying for) first. Measure your height, the length of your arms and legs, as well as the general area around your middle to ensure a great fit. Write all the measurements down in paper and check if the online store you wish to buy from carries items that will fit you. Onesies are better if they are a bit loose—this way, you can use them as pyjamas for those cold nights!

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