Easy Great Gatsby Themed Dress Ideas

We know that 1920s costume parties or dress-ups are always popular. Whether it is for a milestone birthday or anniversary, Halloween, or school reunion, the 1920s is a glamourous and fun-filled time and it has such sophisticated outfits to choose from. Here are some of the best Great Gatsby costume ideas available in Australia. Whether you are looking for a Great Gatsby dress up for males or females, there are many choices. You can easily wear them to any occasion, not just for a Gatsby fancy dress event.

Flapper Costume

The ultimate party girl in the 1920s is the Flapper. Her dress has sequins, tassels and is not a fitted bodice which allows her to dance in the Speakeasy. In the 1920s US, alcohol was banned and daring gangsters brought bootleg drinks to secret locations for parties. Because of all the draping and tassels on a cocktail dress in the 1920s, when dancing, they 'flapped'. The women who wore them were called 'flappers' and that's why flapper dresses, also known as 'gatsby dresses' are what people wear to 1920s costume parties. Because they are so popular you can get a Gatsby dress in a plus size. Make sure you also get the right accessories, like a cigarette holder, feathered headband and sparkly handbag. These knee-length dresses are usually in one bold colour.

Gatsby Men's Gangster Costume

A 1920s man at a party is probably going to be a gangster. The most common Great Gatsby costume for men is a black shirt and pants, with braces and a fedora hat. To finish the look you can get spats for your shoes, and a fake Tommy gun, just like the bootleggers at the time. The main character, Jay Gatsby was a gangster and wealthy man, with a lot of styles. You will find Gatsby Costume ideas for men that match well with the women's range in terms of style and sophistication.

Art Deco Wedding Dress

A classic 1920s Gatsby wedding dress as part of a themed wedding party, or just because it is stunning is an increasingly popular choice with brides. Celebrating the styles from 100 years ago, inspired by the Great Gatsby movie, 1920s costumes are popular choices for the bride and groom. A silky flowing Gatsby evening dress, at knee-length or to the floor is elegant and sophisticated. Matching it with a lovely 1920s hat and veil completes your look. Ask us about plus size Gatsby costume choices.

1920s costume accessories

Great Gatsby costume ideas for DIY enthusiasts and crafty people are easy. While you may find a vintage dress in a thrift store, it is easy to lend some authenticity by matching the right 1920s Gatsby costume accessories, such as a long string of pearls, feathered headband and cigarette holder to complete the look. Browsing our site for Gatsby costume ideas is a great place to start.

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