Cheerleader costumes

Cheerleading uniforms are still popular costume ideas even though in Australia, we do not really have cheerleaders. This is because we enjoy American popular culture and many girls enjoy dressing up in cheerleading uniforms.
One of the most popular cheerleader costumes that we stock is the one from the movie Grease where Sandy is dressed in a cheerleader outfit. Because the movie was depicting the 1950s, where women dressed more modestly, that cheerleader outfit has a very long cheerleader skirt, which is different from the more recent examples which tend to be much shorter.

green cheerleader costumes

Usually, when we think of costume ideas for this type, we often think of wearing a sexy cheerleader costume, because in the movies it is often depicted that the popular and attractive girls become cheerleaders. A cheerleader is often the most icon that an American teen girl will want to be, so it is a symbol of youthful hope.
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Being a cheerleader is a great choice for Cosplay costumes as so many pop culture references include cheerleaders eg, Glee and Bring it on. The other reason that cheerleading uniforms make a great choice is that they are really colourful, and you can do it with your best friends in a group. Some of the colourful cheerleader outfits that we have include red, purple, blue, yellow, green, black and pink.
If you have been invited or are hosting a colour theme costume party, a cheerleading outfit is one of the easiest costume ideas.
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If you want to rehearse before the party, you could also do some cheers in these cheerleader dance costumes. We have a bright collection of cheerleader costumes and if you do not want to have the sexy cheerleader costume, we have modest styles that do not show too much skin, as well as some plus size costumes.

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